Pop the Bubbles


Solve story problems

Draw a straight line to
the matching answer

Read remaining
letters, vertically


Detailed Instructions:

  1. The goal of this puzzle is to cross out bubbled letters so that you’re left with letters that spell out the answers. To do that, you connect the story problem on the left with the answer on the right with a straight (ruler) line.

  2. Important: There are more answers than questions! So many of the answers on the right will not be used.

  3. Solve each story problem on the left. Using a straight edge, like a ruler (this is also important!), connect the point of the story problem’s triangle with the answer’s triable on the right. This will cross out a bubble letter.

  4. Continue solving each story problem and connecting the problem with the answer.

  5. Once you’re done, read the remaining letters from top to bottom. This will spell out the answer.

The leftover letters from this page spell "ANSWER"

Tutorial video

Try the Cross-Out puzzle featured in this video.