Grid Dot-2-Dot


Solve each equation

Circle each answer in the grid

Draw a line that connects each
circled number, in equation order


Detailed Instructions:

  1. The goal of this puzzle is to find a letter on each each page, drawn out dot-to-dot, but not in the
    usual order.

  2. Solve each equation first. The answer will always match something you can find in the number grid.

  3. Circle the matches in the grid. Some may be reused—circle them twice.

  4. Draw lines connecting the circled numbers, in the order that the numbers appear on the left.
    This is often DIFFERENT than simple ascending order.

  5. Once all of the lines are drawn, they should form the shape of a single letter.

  6. Lay the pages of the puzzle side by side, in page number order, to make one word.

Tutorial video

Try the Grid Dot-2-Dot puzzle featured in this video.