Decisions, Decisions


Read each the story
problem, and solve
for the answer.

Find and circle the answer from the multiple choices.

Combine the answer letters into a final
word or phrase

Detailed Instructions:

  1. The goal of this puzzle is to find letters which form words, using math problems to select the correct letters.

  2. On each page, you’ll see story problems with multiple-choice answers.

  3. Solve the story problem, and circle the letter that matches the correct answer. You’ll see A-B-C-D-E, but you also might see M-N-O-P-Q or many other alphabetical variations.

  4. Working down the page, collect the letters from the correct answers to form a word (or phrase). The cover page for your puzzle will tell you what you’re looking for.

"SO" from the first page, and "UP" from the second, means the final answer is "SOUP"


page 2


page 1

Tutorial video

Try the Multiple Choice puzzle featured in this video.