What's in a Kit?

We build kits that are designed to help you throw a

fun, exciting, epic math night at your school. 


These kits combine math puzzles, drama, and your school community

for an event that is unlike any other.

Kids earn
along the way. They become

the heroes

of their

own story!

Math is the key

that unlocks it all!

Kids might even

beg for more math at the end.

(It happens

every time.)

Math puzzles

reveal clues that

lead to dramatic

adventures, which

reveal more

puzzles and

more clues.

  • Hundreds of puzzles for all levels from K through 6

  • Complete instructions on how to build an event - from talking to key people, to finding volunteers, raising funds, building budgets, and lists of job responsibilities

  • Scripts and narratives for the entire event

  • Checklists and supply lists to keep you and your event team organized

  • Online tools, including videos, marketing materials, templates, and more

  • Agendas, milestone lists, and tools for meetings

  • Customer support by email

  • Plus, our kit comes in two versions - one with just the PDFs for the instructions and puzzles, and an expanded kit which also includes all the props you'd need (except anything edible)

  • And there's so much more. The kit is designed to be helpful, intuitive, and full of hard-learned wisdom about creating an amazing math night!

  • Email us with questions at info@mathnightadventures.com.

Ask us how these events can raise money for your school. Our kits provide guidance on this, too!

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