Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Have a math night unlike any other! Math Adventure combines math, puzzles, drama, teamwork, and community for a night of adventurous problem-solving that kids will want to come back to over and over again.


This kit, Secret Agent, requires sleuthing skills! Kids go undercover as junior spies, working in teams to recover the parts of a top-secret spy device, using their spy skills to crack a safe, match wits with other spies, and evade robot guards by using their math skills - and the clues they reveal - to help save the day.


These kits are the culmination of 10+ years of Math Adventure events in and around the Seattle area. A Math Night Adventures Kit builds on the success and knowledge of MATH ADVENTURE, a non-profit that has been building fun math events for elementary schools in the Seattle area for over 10 years, for thousands of kids. But we maxed out our schedule, so we built kits! (For more information on what Math Adventure is about, please visit


Each kit contains:

  • Puzzles for all levels from K through 6
  • Complete instructions on how to build an event—finding volunteers, raising funds, building budgets, and job responsibilities
  • Scripts and narratives for all roles
  • Checklists to keep you organized
  • Online tools, including marketing materials, templates, and helpful videos
  • Agendas and tools for meetings
  • And much more! The kit instructions are over 60 pages, plus hundreds of puzzle pages for your students!


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    After purchase, we'll share instructions on how to immediately access your kit. All resources, supporting documentation and videos, and puzzles are available online, so you can get going right away.